Painter of the unexpected, master of distorted perspectives, maestro of the three-dimensional iconography, Dimitri is definitely a fascinating and un-classifiable artist who
draws his technique from ancient masters’ long-forgotten experiments.

At the beginning of the 80’s, Dimitri started making a name for himself through the creation of mural trompe l’œil paintings in his home town of Nancy, in the east of France. Subsequently, he was hired to carry out numerous mural scenery by some prestigious clients all over Europe.

Since the beginning of the 90’s, he has embarked on some various pictorial explorations after having spent hours on end going around a universe in complete contradiction with the world of formal painting: let’s call it « the virtual ».

Dimitri is part of the very limited circle of painters who master the art of anamorphosis. This art consist in reproducing pictures that are intentionally distorted, but when seen under a certain angle, they recover their normal aspect.

Always innovating in this world, he was acknowledged by his fellow-painters through his anaglyph paintings, which, when looked at through a special pair of red and green lensed glasses, appear as three-D paintings, as if they were just in front of you.

Fortified by his personal experience in the virtual world of pictorial expression, Dimitri has developed this totally new concept: the painting in « remanence » (Virtual After-Image painting).

By means of sets of colours and volumes, the artist makes the most of our faculty in memorizing codes and colours, then drives you to mentally project them onto a blank surface.

DIMITRI artiste peintre

© 2008 Dimitri - Painter - all rights reserved | Patronage: Stephane Cherki
Permanent exhibition at the
la Grande Arche de la Défense - Paris - France

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